Lars Y. Pomara
Welcome to my personal website. I am a researcher in ecology, biodiversity, and conservation. I am an Ecologist at the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center, in the Southern Research Station of the US Forest Service.
Most of my research interests fall within the areas of landscape ecology, biogeography, and the spatial and temporal analysis of ecological systems. I am interested in how and why species, biological communities, and ecosystems are distributed across the Earth’s surface in particular ways. To try and understand these distributions, and how and why they change over time, I study variations in physical environments, landscape properties, and the ecological traits of species that help to determine habitat selection. I try to focus my efforts on problems that are important for conservation planning and ecosystem management, since biodiversity conservation is the reason I got into this line of work.

I am a landscape ecologist and ornithologist with broad interests in terrestrial ecosystems of the Americas. I am particularly drawn to Latin American tropical forests, but I also work in other ecosystems and on other taxa in addition to birds. For example, I am currently helping to develop tools to assess and monitor ecosystem services and their vulnerabilities to environmental stressors at landscape scales in Eastern US forests. Another ongoing project investigates the response of bird and butterfly communities to invasive plant species removal in a desert riparian system in the southwestern US. I also recently worked on an assessment of species vulnerabilities to climate change in the US Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, including work with the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake and the Ruffed Grouse. Please explore my research page to see projects I am involved with now and have worked on in the past.

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Thanks for visiting my personal website!  Photos and figures throughout this site are by me, unless otherwise indicated. I am an employee of the USDA Forest Service, but this is not a USDA Forest Service website.

Updated Summer 2017.